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Rhode Island places axle and weight
restrictions on two bridges

Update: As of October 1, 2012, all weight and axle restrictions for the Pawtucket River Bridge have been lifted and it is now open to all traffic.
(Special thanks to Josh Easter for this update)

The State of Rhode Island has placed weight and axle restrictions on two bridges within the state.
One is on I-95 north of the City of Providence and just before the Massachusetts state line. This bridge named the Pawtucket River Bridge is under construction and off-limits to the following vehicles.
Any single vehicle having more than two axles and/or any combination vehicle having more than two axles per unit, or any vehicle with a GVW of more than 36,000 lbs.

The second bridge is named the Sakonnet River Bridge and is located on SR-24/138 between Fall River, MA and Portsmouth, RI north of the Town of Newport.
The first offense fine for illegally crossing either bridge is $3,000. Second and subsequent fines are $5,000.
The state recommends using I-295 around Providence to avoid the Pawtucket River Bridge. If traveling south on I-95 to Providence or if you cannot avoid the bridge, they have devised a detour along nearby surface streets.
For more information and to see maps and details of the detour visit
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Today is

Attention all commercial drivers. Effective January 30, 2012. When you update your Medical Card you MUST submit a copy to your state's Driver Licensing Agency.
In most states there are multiple ways of doing this. Here is a link to a PDF file that contains all the needed information for correct submission to all state licensing agencies.

New York State... In an effort to stop oversize vehicles from entering restricted routes, the State of New York has released a brochure which highlights restricted routes and what to do if you mistakenly enter one. Download it here.
Bus/trailer combos are now illegal in NYC. Buses pulling trailers within New York City are now deemed over length and are being detained and cited. Each citation carries a $330 fine. More here.
Ontario & Quebec Speed Limiters required on commercial vehicles beginning January 1st. Buses are not effected by this law. Download and print the official release here.
Welcome to Pennsylvania, now get out your wallet. The Delaware River Port Authority is targeting entertainer tour buses for huge fines. More here.
Don't mess with Texas. It seems that the Texas Department of Public Safety is targeting entertainer tour buses and their drivers for Level 1 roadside inspections. They are also checking for out-of-date log books and medical cards. Be sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed before entering the state.
The great Canadian rip off. Heavy vehicle drivers using Hwy-407 ETR as a quick route through the greater Toronto area are being hit with heavy tolls, fees and fines. More here.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security cracking down on tour buses using the I-8 corridor between San Diego, CA and Yuma, AZ. One tour had multiple arrests. More here.
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