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::: Venue Directions for :::

Greensboro Coliseum
1921 W. Lee Street
Greensboro, NC 27403

::: Production Info :::

Phone : N/A
Fax : N/A

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::: GPS Coodinates :::

Latitude: 36.05905 N
Longitude: 79.82634 W



Some map programs including Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 are having you exit I-40 at exit 217 (High Point Road) If you are eastbound on I-40 then you need to exit onto Business I-40.
I-40 now runs concurrent with I-85 on the south side of Greensboro. Most map programs haven't picked up this change as of yet and there is no exit 217 off of the new I-40/I-85 corridor.

From I-40 west of Greensboro

Take I-40 east to Business I-40 east and go to exit 217 (High Point Road).
Turn left onto High Point Road for 1.2 miles
Turn right into the Service Drive.
Bus and truck parking / staging is in the lot directly to your left.

From I-40 east of Greensboro

Take I-40 / I-85 East to I-40 / I-85 Business East to exit 217 (High Point Rd / Koury Rd)
Turn right onto High Point Road for 1.2 miles
Turn right onto Service Drive
Bus and truck parking / staging is in the lot directly to your left.

Trucks do this...

For load in; continue on Service Drive into the underpass. Fork here to street level.

::: Miscellaneous Notes :::

Most buses will park in this lot which will be secured from the general public. It is however possible to park the artist bus in the parking spaces just beyond the underpass which will make for a shorter walk to the stage entrance.

Bus Details:
Parking: Many buses can be parked in the secured lot on Service Drive.
Shore Power: Yes, 4-prong plug for 2 buses closest to the building.
Wash Facilities: No

Truck Details:

Dock/Ramp Details: Stage trucks in lot with buses. Load in/out is under the underpass.
Number of docks: Fork to street level then down ramp into 1 door
Parking: Several trucks in staging lot with buses.


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